My workshops are available to anyone who wants to learn more about landscape photography.  These workshops are also perfect for folks that don't need much or any instruction, but want to be in the right places at the right times, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow photographers.   Attendance is limited to small groups to allow for more personalized and one-on-one instruction. All of the workshops will cover topics such as proper and long exposures, filter and lens choices, ISO, creative composition and more. Sign up today and join me on a photographic adventure in one or more of these beautiful locations!

*Additional locations and pop-up workshops are always a possibility, send me a message at to be added to the workshop mailing list so you won't miss out on any updates!

2020 Autumn in the New River Gorge:  October 22-25

  • Glade Creek Grist Mill
  • Brush Creek Falls
  • New River Gorge Bridge
  • Untitled photo
  • Campbell Falls
  • Beauty Mountain
  • Autumn Reflections
  • New River Gorge
  • Perspectives

This workshop will cover digital photography techniques while capturing images in spectacular locations in and around the New River Gorge region of West Virginia. We'll work on subjects such as long exposure, creative composition, filter use, panoramas and more. This workshop will include sunrise/sunset and waterfall photography. Autumn colors will be close to peak or at peak in certain areas at this time. Primary locations will include Grandview, Babcock State Park/Glade Creek Grist Mill, Beauty Mountain, the New River Gorge Bridge, the historic ghost town of Thurmond and numerous waterfalls.Workshop tuition is $475. You are responsible for lodging, meals and transportation. To reserve your spot in this workshop, message me at and additional information will be provided. Group size: 8  participants.   

Sold Out!  Send an email to to be added to the waiting list.

2020 Late Autumn in the New River Gorge:  November 05-08

  • New River Gorge Bridge
  • Dunloup Falls
  • Grandview
  • Thurmond RR Bridge
  • Sandstone Falls
  • Hawks Nest
  • Mill Creek Swirl
  • Glade Creek Grist Mill
  • New River Abstract

This workshop will cover digital photography techniques while capturing images in spectacular locations in and around the New River Gorge region of West Virginia. We'll work on subjects such as long exposure, creative composition, filter use, panoramas and more. This workshop will include sunrise/sunset and waterfall photography. Historically, during this timeframe, autumn color has peaked in a few areas, but is at peak in the central portion of the Gorge. Primary locations will include Grandview, Babcock State Park/Glade Creek Grist Mill, Beauty Mountain, the New River Gorge Bridge, the historic ghost town of Thurmond and numerous waterfalls. Workshop tuition is $475. You are responsible for lodging, meals and transportation. To reserve your spot in this workshop, message me at and additional information will be provided.

Group size: 8  participants.   One Spot Available!  

 Individual Instruction Sessions/Tours 

 Limited Dates Remain for 2020  - Book Your Session Soon!

  • Untitled photo
  • Ted - Elakala 2
  • Untitled photo

Prefer a one-on-one workshop experience, or a private, small group session with only your friends? No problem! My very popular Individual Instruction sessions/tours and private small group sessions/tours are available and custom tailored to suit you or your small groups needs. These sessions afford a more direct and engaging experience as you will have my full attention the entire time. And, since the needs of a larger group won't have to be met, we are typically able to cover more ground and visit more locations than possible during a larger group workshop. The individual instruction sessions/tours and private small group sessions/tours are primarily held in the New River Gorge or the Potomac Highlands regions of West Virginia. To inquire about an individual instruction session or a private small group workshop, please contact me at

Camera Club Workshops and Presentations

  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

I am available for camera club presentations and private workshops. I can custom tailor workshops, field trips and presentations to suit the needs of your club. To inquire about any of these services for your camera club please contact me at

Randall Sanger Photography Workshop Testimonials

"The first time I saw Randall's photos, his style and passion for creating beautiful images impressed me greatly. After taking one of Randall's workshops, I was inspired to pursue my passion for the craft. Thank you for being a wonderful mentor, and I look forward to seeing what's to come from you."

"This was my first photography workshop ever, and I’m glad I chose Randy for the experience. His relaxed and friendly manner made it easy to ask questions, and his explanations of technical and artistic aspects were clear. I was less experienced than most of the others in the workshop, but that was not at all intimidating. His approach to teaching put me at ease from the beginning. His associate, Martin Radigan, was equally helpful and clear. These two guys complement each other extremely well. The Canaan Valley/Dolly Sods region is full of photographic opportunities, and many are hard to find. Randy’s extensive knowledge of the area took us to parts of it that I was not aware of, despite having lived nearby for over twenty years. It was strenuous at times; shooting at Bear Rocks involves scrambling over a bunch of large boulders in near-darkness, but the results were well worth it. I hope to take more of Randy’s workshops, probably the New River Gorge, in the near future."

"I participated in the Spring 2016 photography workshop in the WV Highlands, led by Randall Sanger. The entire workshop experience was phenomenal. To begin with, the instructor used his extensive knowledge of the Highlands area, in conjunction with the local weather conditions, to choose locations that allowed the participants to photograph scenes during optimal conditions. While the instructor was always nearby and willing to offer helpful hints or answer questions, he allowed each participant to individualize his or her own composition. Although the schedule was organized to maximize time spent in the field, it was also flexible enough to accommodate the interests and wishes of the participants. The genuineness and expertise of the instructor, the natural beauty of the area, and the sense of camaraderie generated within the group were the perfect combination! If you are interested in developing your photography skills in an outstanding environment, I highly recommend any workshop led by Randall Sanger."

"I had an absolute blast during the 2016 Spring WV Highlands Workshop. It was truly a pleasure to meet you and learn some new techniques that will undoubtedly bring my photography to an improved level. Your advice on the concepts of composition, filters and their use, settings for the different environments all came together while “in the field.” I was able to shoot photos of things I have never had the opportunity to photograph: waterfalls, stars, Milky Way, etc. and I appreciate your patience as I took advantage of every opportunity afforded to me. I hope the others are as pleased as I am with the images created. Everything was as planned as it could be but itinerary structure was loose enough to flex to what the weather allowed so we were never bogged down. I need to get back there in the fall! Thanks again!"

"Thank you Randy! I greatly enjoyed the workshop as well as meeting you, Martin and the others. I feel more inspired and motivated than ever to continue my growth in photography. The Potomac Highlands area of West Virginia is truly beautiful and I look forward to getting back. Although Dolly Sods and some of the other locales were a challenge to reach for an old guy, they were more than worth it and I plan on a revisit on my own to see them in a Fall perspective. Given my novice status, I'm really happy with the pictures I took (big step up from my previous work on "A") and look forward to tweaking them in Lightroom/Photoshop (in which I'm also a novice at this point) and sharing some of them with the group."

"I am not normally a workshop person as they often feel a bit rushed and constrained, with everyone making similar photographs in relatively small areas as the group moves from one iconic spot to the next. Most of the locations on Randall’s workshop, however, encompassed large enough areas that those who wished could spend time on their own exploring a variety of approaches to photographing the many possible subjects and scenes available at each stop. While Randall provided helpful information and discussed what sorts of compositions were his favorites at each location, I was able to do my own thing at a comfortable pace. At the same time, Randall was available for more detailed guidance and instructions for those who wanted it. I enjoyed the experience so much that I immediately signed up for another trip in the fall."

"Just got finished taking the Spring 2016 New River Gorge Photography Workshop, and all I can say is WOW! From start to finish this workshop packed in everything phenomenal about the Gorge you could ask for. Randy really takes the time to get with you to find out what you may be struggling with so that he can assist you immediately and you can continue getting in there getting the shots you want. Even though I felt like I was under experienced than most of the other participants I was never made to feel that way. Everyone was so encouraging and we made sure to help each other as much as possible along the way, while still having fun. The weather on this trip made it a challenge to get where we wanted to go and to capture the images we wanted to capture but regardless, Randy made sure to take us to the locations anyway to see what we could possibly get on a better weather day. If you are thinking or have been thinking about taking one of Randy's workshops just stop thinking about it and do it. I thought for months if I was even at a level to even take the workshop experience wise, but you can be a novice or an expert and this workshop will work for you. Randy goes above and beyond what most other photographers would do to help you achieve your goal of getting the perfect images. Besides being just an all-around awesome person, he is also a wonderful photographer that makes sure he is helping you hone in your skills rather than hindering your skills. Do not wait!!! These are too good to pass up!!! Thank you Randy for showing me that I can actually do this."

"I had an absolute blast and it was by far the most beneficial thing I have done so far since I have started photography. I really appreciated the time you took to really show me how to shoot. I have really struggled since I started and to have someone that is willing to really show you, you can't put a price on that."

"Thank you for another awesome fun filled, adventure thrilled, epic photography workshop!"

"I have explored the beauty of the New River Gorge with Randy in the fall and was certain he could continue to have me improve my photography if I traveled to the OBX. Stating the obvious, "I wasn't in Kansas anymore!". The landscape, sites and shooting destinations were all together different from the mountains and streams of West Virginia. Randy's patience again was much appreciated. He was able to explain how the extremes in exposure range, compositions "doing most of your work in camera" were key to my being able to capture several good images which I might have taken only as snapshots before and would have had to accept them as "OK". You will not be disappointed with how the workshops are conducted and his uncanny ability to assemble groups with great chemistry. My work has improved since working with Randy, or I should say.......since Randy agreed to work with me. If you wish to experience quality instruction in quality locals, then you need not to look any further. A great Mini Vacation and loved the relaxed structure of the workshop."

"The April 2016 Outer Banks workshop is the third Randall Sanger Photography workshop I’ve taken. Each has been very worthwhile, in terms of both tips for improving my photos and getting to terrific photo subjects. Randy knows good locations and the best times of the day for them, and is always willing and able to help workshop participants with any questions, whatever their experience and level of skill. I hope to participate in additional workshops, and recommend them to others."

"I have just completed my first Workshop with Randy. I know one thing for sure, it wont be my last one. It was a one-to-one workshop that he tailored to my needs and preferences. I have taken several workshops around the world but what sets this workshop apart from the other ones, is that Randy doesn't have a strict schedule. he works the light and adjust to weather conditions accordingly , keeping in mind your personal preferences. I also liked how he guides you through your photography after you take the photo, not before you do so. That makes a huge difference. Instead of literally telling you what to do , he observes your photography and then intervene where necessary. I have learned a lot from Randy."

"Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once and a while. So it was for me when I found the article about Randall Sanger in the April edition of WV Living magazine. You see, I have enjoyed being a hobbyist with photography for a long time, but had become frustrated with not being able to put it all together. I saw the images in the magazine and immediately jumped on the website and was amazed. I was also shocked to find a link to workshops with Randy. I BOOKED and now I'm HOOKED! Randy was able to assist me with technique, composition and lots of 'one on one' instruction. I feel more confident having had the experience of his workshop and can say that I was able to bring home lots of images which I will not hesitate to show others. He assembled a small group with a lot of chemistry and the four days were full of fun and great humor. A "must do" if you want to improve your photography."

"Just completed my second workshop led by acclaimed photographer, Randall Sanger. This workshop, which was in Autumn, was located in one of the most beautiful places found anywhere, the New River Gorge of West Virginia. So much photography was crammed into nearly four days. Randall will lead you to extreme vistas for opportunities to capture sunrise and sunsets, high above the floor of the Canyon. Waterfalls are so numerous in this area with a wide variety of sizes and water flow. You most certainly will get your thirst for photographing them quenched! The awesome ruggedness and beauty of the places that Randy will place you in front of are enough to make this workshop top notch in itself, but throw in Randy's style of teaching coupled with his willingness to share the knowledge acquired from decades photographing scenic landscapes and waterfalls, raises the bar to the highest level! Randy will teach you not only how to get the best compositions of a scene but also how to set your camera's manual functions to bring out various aspects that you may not even notice! Post processing is also covered for making your images the best they can be once you begin editing. This workshop was so much FUN! No other way to describe the experience. Participant size is kept small so each person receives the optimum personal attention. Small group size also allows for faster travel between destinations resulting in more photo's taken. Talented photographer, Todd Williams assisted Randall in helping folks and drive our group to different area's. Todd also has a wealth of information he shared with us. Overall, this workshop was just like my first with Randall in the Potomac Highlands in the Spring. Crammed full of gorgeous locales that are unmatched and photography insight on shooting them from a man now known to me as a good friend! Priceless!!"

"I have followed Randy's work for some time, and greatly admired his images. I had some vacation days to fill, and saw that he had some availability in one of the Fall workshops. It turned out to be far more than I expected. Thursday evening through Sunday morning doesn't seem like a lot of time, but we saw so many beautiful locations that my head is still spinning. He is very efficient with the groups' time, as well as knowing where is the best place to be according to the light and weather conditions of the day. He is a great teacher, and I learned many new skills. My work can only improve from attending this workshop. He is a great person as well, and it was a tremendous pleasure to meet him. West Virginia hasn't seen the last of me, and neither has Randy!"

"This workshop was best one I have ever been to. I stumbled across Randall’s page while researching Bridge Day a few years ago. I was just in awe of his work. You could see but most of all feel his passion for the mountains, scenic views and sunrise to sunset in his beautiful back yard. My sister and I signed up for his workshop with much anticipation and excitement. Getting to see more of the gorge area and to meet and work with him in person. After a quick meet and greet I soon figured out Randy and his assistant Todd were as professional as they come and know the area well. Randy works with each photographer no matter what skill level we have.  They worked with us on compositions and abstract shots. Randy worked with me and helped me develop the confidence I needed behind my camera. This workshop was an amazing adventure, waterfall after waterfall, lake and the Mill.  Randy and Todd both know when and where to be at the right time according to the lighting and time frames. Overall very productive workshop, great new friendships developed, lots of laughs and the best part seeing what West Virginia has to offer. It is definitely a hidden gem and we are already planning to go back. I would like to thank Randy and Todd both for an incredible experience of a lifetime! Thank you for sharing your love of WV, your passion and skills in photography with us. I recommend this workshop to photographers of any skill level. You will not be disappointed.  We will be back in the spring and fall of 2016 for sure!"

"Earlier this year I participated in my first Randall Sanger photography workshop that was held in the Canaan Valley/Potomac Highlands. I learned so many things, that I attended his fall workshop in the Canaan Valley/Potomac Highlands as well. I feel that his Potomac Highlands workshop provides opportunities for photographers of all skill levels ranging from the newbie to someone with many years of experience. We visited many places that I would not have been aware of or been able to visit on my own. Randy is a fabulous photographer that is willing to share his knowledge with others. Randy was also very prompt in replying to my emails with all my questions. The assistants that he has with him during the workshops are also very knowledgable and helpful. As a novice photographer, it was so great to be surrounded by people who wanted to share their knowledge of photography. During this workshop I learned more about what the proper "f" stop can do for you from capturing a sun burst to making waterfalls look silky and dreamy. I also learned how to use a circular polarizing filter. I felt comfortable asking questions so that I could understand how to capture the images that I was seeking, even if I asked the same question more than once. In addition to the nuggets of photography information, I came away with some new friends and that is priceless to me. A Randall Sanger workshop will not disappoint. You are sure to catch the "waterfall bug" after this workshop. I look forward to attending his other workshops that he offers."

"After attending my first workshop in the Potomac Highlands of WV with Randall Sanger I am a more knowledgeable photographer. Randall will lead you to some of the most spectacular waterfalls and epic vista's that exist. He will suggest where you need to set up your camera, settings to shoot and what compositions work best for each subject that you encounter. You will learn how to "Dominate" your camera to obtain spectacular images of any subject under any weather condition. Post - processing techniques will be covered that are invaluable for final results to your images that will have you so excited about your photography. Not only is all this and more offered to you by a gifted and experienced photographer that Randall is, it is offered up by his wonderful personality and his passion to help other's in advancing their knowledge in "shooting" spectacular images. I might add that I have been a freelance wildlife photographer for over thirty years with over three hundred of my images having graced magazine covers. You can never stop learning and you certainly will while attending a workshop led by Randall Sanger. But the biggest bonus is you will be gaining a new friend. Priceless!"

"Having participated in multiple photography workshops, I feel many don’t deserve the label “workshop”. At best, they are merely carpools with quick stops to point/shoot before moving between locations. That is not the case with Randy’s workshops. Not only is Randy a respected professional, he is also a great teacher. His workshops are designed to help all fellow photographers regardless of their experience level. Randy takes the time to explain photography in a manner that is easy to understand and quick to implement. Also, his approach makes for a very relaxing, engaging and entertaining time among the group. I highly recommend you consider taking one of Randy’s workshops – it is worth the investment."  

"When you look at Randy’s work, you immediately know he is a great photographer. But what you do not see is that he is also a good person and a great teacher. The minute I met Randy I knew I was in the presence of someone who cares deeply about people, very passionate about photography and about sharing his knowledge with others. Randy possesses a pleasant and gracious manner that facilitates his interactions with others and allows him to work one on one with photographers at any skill level. Randy knows the New River Gorge and Potomac Highlands areas better than anyone. Not only will he take you to beautiful locations but he will also make sure you get there at the right time of day to capture stunning images. I would highly recommend Randy’s workshops to anyone interested in capturing the beauty and diversity of the great state of West Virginia."

"I had the great opportunity to participate in a workshop with Randall conducted in the highlands of West Virginia. It was my first workshop with him and I’m certain it will not be my last. I chose to join this group to get a new perspective on some familiar places, learn from others, and hopefully capture some quality light. Randall’s workshop delivered on that and much more. Randall is known across West Virginia as one of her premier landscape photographers. As you shoot beside him in his workshop you understand why. Randall facilitates an openness and willingness to share information, to teach, to learn, and to be sure that each person has the best chance to come away with the shot they are trying to compose. We benefited greatly from excellent instruction on the use of our particular equipment, how the weather in that region contributed to our compositions and lighting, how to improve our overall compositions, and how to understand natural light in that environment. Everything was done for the participants in order to increase the number of “keeper” images we would take home and improve our skills. There was obviously a large amount of work that went into scouting the shooting locations, getting the group into the right place ahead of the light, and all of the logistical items that come along with providing a quality experience for the participants. When someone like Randall is willing to offer a weekend of his time, share his photographic knowledge, assist you with improving your skills, and make the entire time enjoyable, how can you possibly go wrong? I highly recommend Randall’s workshops to anyone wanting to experience new areas and improve their photography."

"I had such an amazing experience this weekend. I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for your workshop. I was hoping to gain a better understanding of both my camera and landscape photography. I had no idea I would learn as much as I did or receive the amount of support and encouragement that you, Martin and Todd provided. I am excited to continue to use my camera and learn. I am most excited that you all provided a strong foundation during this workshop. I feel like I am now able to seek the information and ask the questions needed to take my pictures to the next level, and then the next and so on. As if that wasn't enough, I had a blast getting to know everyone. The laughs were endless and I just had the best time! I certainly hope to come to another workshop in the future, maybe next fall in Canaan."

"I have been wanting to explore the New River Gorge region for a few years now and for my first trip to the area, I decided to join Randall Sanger’s Spring Photography Workshop. Randy has years of experience photographing the NRG and it was a great way for me to get introduced to all the wonders of  the NRG. Randy was ably assisted by Todd Williams during the workshop. During the workshop, the focus was on creating images. We spent 12-14 hours in the field everyday photographing. Both Randy and Todd were very gracious with their time and attentiveness. They drove all the workshop participants to amazing locations for four days and made sure we were at the right place and right time. I’m sure they spent hundreds of dollars just on gas. Also, Randy and Todd are really accomplished photographers. However, they barely shot themselves during the workshop and were always there on hand for guidance and feedback. Overall, this workshop has been very productive for me and a great experience overall. Thanks to Randy and Todd, I created many good images and can’t wait to go back to the NRG."  

"If you haven't signed up for one of Randy's workshops, do it now. You will learn so much about how to improve your pictures, gain some great new friends, come home with great images, and most of all you will have a great time! Randy knows West Virginia and where to go to get the best compositions. He is very patient, and is a super nice guy to be around. Sign up -- you'll be happy you did!"

"Last fall I was in my first Randall Sanger Photography workshop, and this spring I was in another one — and I would like to take more. Randy’s workshops provide great experiences for photographers, whatever their level of experience and skill; the capped, small size of each workshop is a definite plus in this regard. Randy’s own photographic skills are outstanding, and he is both willing and able to share his knowledge with workshop participants in an unhurried manner, one on one. Perhaps as impressive as his photographic and instructional skills is his knowledge of the workshop settings in the New River Gorge and the Potomac Highlands/Canaan Valley areas of West Virginia. The workshops have taken me to many beautiful places, several of which I would not have gotten to on my own, and have provided me with new information and skills to help me capture better photos. I enthusiastically recommend Randall Sanger Photography workshops."

“A big thanks to Randy for a fabulous four-day photo workshop of the waterfalls and vistas surrounding the New River Gorge in beautiful West Virginia. Randy and his friend Todd toured five of us photographers to over 10 different waterfalls and to multiple overlooks of New River Gorge and New River Gorge Bridge. Randy and Todd know their waterfalls! They gave great tips on composition, ideas for foreground subjects, and pointed out key vantage points for best shots. They also helped with photography basics of ISO, shutter speed, aperture, depth of field and use of polarizing and neutral density filters. Randy is a well-known and published photographer in West Virginia with a number of awards for his book on West Virginia waterfalls.”

"I have been to three of Randall Sanger’s workshops. So far none of them has been a disappointment. I am a novice and not really familiar with many of my camera’s functions. It was my goal to become more serious about my photography and learn how to get into the manual settings. Bingo! Randy was a great help. Randall’s workshop will expose you to sensational waterfalls and mountain vistas that no other state can rival. If you didn't have a camera in your hand you would have a thrilling time just enjoying your surroundings. West Virginia really is America’s best kept secret! I am native to this state yet his expert knowledge took me to places I never knew existed before! Some of what Randall covers is composition, diverse ideas for subjects and tips on the best angles, and how to adjust your camera to adapt to different lighting requirements. Randall talks about the aperture, ISO, and other camera functions. Not only was I shown the best West Virginia has to offer but I was escorted around to every location enjoying great conversation. I am confident that anyone (novice, intermediate, or professional) involved with photography would enjoy and benefit from Randall’s workshop. He is a great photographer and a great guy. I plan to attend more of Randy’s workshops to improve my skills and soak up some awesome company. Randy, I want to thank you and your assistant, Todd Williams Photography, for a wonderful time giving you 5 stars!! I will be back. P.s. What about a tour out west?"

"I was extremely excited to attend a Randall Sanger Photography Workshop in the New River Gorge region of West Virginia. My schedule and responsibilities at home permit very little time away therefore I choose my excursions very carefully. The workshop did not disappoint! The instruction was excellent and the locations were many and beautiful. It is amazing what can be just around the next curve. Randall’s knowledge of the weather conditions and lighting made getting “the shot” a virtual certainty. Todd Williams co-led the workshop adding his expertise. The small size of the class allowed extra instruction time. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who enjoys landscape photography. Living in West Virginia I frequent this area a few times a month with my job but rarely have time to explore. The beauty of the mountains is ever changing and often breathtaking. The workshop is a perfect experience to expand ones knowledge of landscape photography and capture a collection of beautiful photos. Thanks to Randall, Todd and the workshop I have photos that I have difficulty believing they are mine. Best of all it’s time well spent when you meet new friends. Looking forward to another awesome Randall Sanger Workshop in the near future!"

"Thank you so much for the wonderful experience that you create with your workshops.  I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the recent New River Gorge workshop - learning technical skills, visiting all the sites, meeting you and all the participants and the conversations along the way.  A true pleasure!  It helped my technical and creative skills and encouraged my passion for photography at the same time."

"When speaking about Randy's photography workshops and tours, I like to steal a line I heard from a friend of mine once..."he's better than Google".   I had the fortune to attend three separate workshops with Randy this last year. And with every workshop I wanted more and more. He is an absolute great guy, very patient and takes care of his clients needs. His knowledge of his workshop locations is unrivaled. I have attended many workshops in the past and with some workshop leaders, you don't get the feel that they can cater to the experience levels of all that are attending. With Randy, I could tell where he could tailor his instructions to the distinct needs of his many clients, a real plus when visiting new locations. I would absolutely recommend Randy to anyone, especially those who want to get the max out of a photographic experience."

"A Randall Sanger Photography workshop is a great experience, a wonderful combination of visiting beautiful locations and learning to capture better photos of them. Randy knows the West Virginia landscape intimately, including locations of an amazing number of waterfalls. He also knows many super sunrise and sunset locations, and to help provide good experiences for workshops participants, he uses modern technology to help determine the best times for visiting these locations. Besides knowing where to get outstanding photos, Randy also knows how to capture them. His personal photography skills would have little relevance to workshop participants, however, without his desire and ability to help others develop such skills. At this, he is very good, indeed, imparting information clearly and patiently — any question is appropriate, even the second or third time around. I’ve been a photographer for many years, and have been asked to sell several images (I’m not seeking to sell photos), but I have learned a lot from Randy to make me a better photographer. Photographers at any skill level can benefit from a Randall Sanger workshop."

"Randall Sanger is a fantastic photographer, but he is also an outstanding teacher. I have learned so much from him both about life and photography, and I highly recommend his workshops. You will have a wonderful time seeing some amazing places alongside someone who knows all the secret spots and who loves helping others become great photographers like him. You will be blessed. Whatever he charges is worth every penny. You will come away with wonderful ideas on composition, shooting in the right light, exploring special unique places in West Virginia, and a continued friendship long afterwards."

"I wanted to say from the bottom of my heart "THANK YOU" for the opportunity to be with you, share in your knowledge, learn from you, see the stunning beauty that you took us to and being willing to so freely GIVE to help another learn from you're expertise. You are NOT just an incredible-set apart professional photographer Randall - you are an amazing person- compassionate heart--filled with kindness. My husband and I BOTH thank you for the time we were able to spend with you. WE are blessed that we feel we have gained a FRIEND! May the LORD increase and bless your photography like you never knew OR dreamed possible!" 

"A workshop with Randall Sanger is an opportunity to experience amazingly beautiful locations showcased by a master of his craft. Randall not only brings you to these locations, he teaches you to see and work with your photographic equipment in ways that elevate your personal portfolio to completely new levels. I’ve now completed two workshops with Randall and have a third booked for this spring, and cannot speak highly enough about the total experience. From my first initial contact, to booking the workshop; Randall’s engaging personality and obvious passion for photography are evident and greatly appreciated. He offers fantastic service and real-world advice that is easily applied to start seeing immediate improvement in your results. I cannot speak highly enough about his service and the quality of his workshops - much less the opportunity to spend time with someone so talented. I recommend Randall Sanger with the utmost regard."

"My very first workshop was with Randall, from the very first time I met him I had a feeling that this guy was a true genuine caring friendly person. Randall is passionate about his photography and is more than willing in sharing his knowledge and giving each individual as much time as needed in what ever it takes to make sure they become a better photographer. You can not ask for a better teacher in all aspects of photography and if you want to explore some of West Virginia's beautiful waterfalls and beautiful landscapes then there is no better person to be with than Randall Sanger. There is no one who knows the beauty of West Virginia better than Randall. Not only did I come away with some beautiful photographs, I also came away with a friend that will last a lifetime, I highly recommend booking a workshop with Randall Sanger."

"My private workshop with Randall Sanger was so much more than a workshop about photography - it was truly an "experience of a life-time." Not only was I filled with a sense of awe at the beautiful images of waterfalls, sunrises and sunsets that Randall helped me capture, I was filled with eager anticipation about my next opportunity to learn from him. He helped me take my photography to a new level. Randall is not only a gift to the world of photography, he is a gift to the state of West Virginia, a true son of the Mountain State who not only appreciates its beauty, but is able to capture the essence of the many treasures that abound within its borders."

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